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Over the past couple of years,  activated nuts and seeds has sprouted and grown as a popular idea in the food world but it’s not actually a new idea. The process of soaking seeds, nuts, and grains is something that our ancestors were very familiar with, soaking them in brine or seawater and letting them dry in the hot sun. While this was very likely done as a method of preserving food, it is also possible that our ancestors were onto something in the healthy eating department.

What is Activation?

Any seed can be activated. activated nuts

Nuts are a seed, grains are a seed, and well seeds are seeds…

The process of activation is similar to that of sprouting. Nuts and seeds soak in lightly salted water for a period of time (which differs depending on the product being activated). The soaked product is then well rinsed and dehydrated at low temperatures not exceeding 46° (this can take days). This step preserves the nutrients and creates a shelf stable product.

Why Activated Nuts?

Taste is a big reason. Activating your nuts can sweeten their flavour and gives them a different, lighter texture.

Some people also believe that by activating nuts and seeds they’re easier for our bodies to digest, and therefore more nutritious. The phytic acid which binds the nutrients in the nuts and seeds in preparation for the huge nutrient boost required for germination is released in the activation process. It is the reduction of phytic acid that allows the nutrients to be more readily broken down and digested by our bodies.

Activating nuts and seeds at home requires time and energy and you really need to make sure you dry them out completely or you can run the risk of mould growing on them when stored. We know that many people have been purchasing our nuts and seeds to activate them so it makes sense for us to be introducing this range. We can take the hassle out of the job for you while also guaranteeing quality and freshness and making sure they’re thoroughly dried out to avoid any pantry-nasties.

Nuts have incredible nutrients for our bodies and a range of health benefits.

Activated nuts and seeds not only taste great but are great for you.

Avoid the hassle of doing the job yourself – we have a new activated nut range waiting for you at Alison’s Pantry at New World supermarkets across New Zealand.

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