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Amazon Rainforest

You may have noticed that your favourite blend has changed.

Oh where have those Brazil nuts gone!

Unfortunately there is a global shortage of Brazil nuts due to the 2017 harvest being at least 70% reduced from that of 2016.

The trees had a poor flowering, low rain fall and the effects of an El Nino weather system have culminated into the smallest crop many can remember.

To manage the short supply and increasing global pricing due to supply and demand Alison’s Pantry has removed Brazil Nut’s from all our blends, we aim to keep Brazils nuts as a standalone product for as long as we are able.


Brazil Nut Facts

  • Brazil nuts are the fruit of the giant Bertholletia excelsa, the Brazil nut tree.
  • Brazil nut trees only grow wild throughout the Amazon rain forest.
  • All attempts to cultivate the Brazil nut trees have failed – all of the worlds source of Brazil nuts remains wild and unfarmed.
  • Brazil nut trees grow to heights of 40m or more; that is the height of a 17 story building. The trees tower over the rainforest, for the majority of their 500-800 year life span.
  • The fruit is a large, round, woody pod about the size of a large grapefruit, which can weigh up to 2.2kg. Inside each pod, wedged in like orange segments are 12-15 Brazil nuts each within its own individual shell.
  • Pods are harvested from the ground by local tribes people called Castaneros, it is not a safe job given that the pods hurtle to the ground at speeds up to 80km an hour.

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