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Chicken & Waldorf Salad

Chicken & Waldorf Salad

 1-2 crisp red apples 1 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp lemon juice ¾ tsp salt
2 stalks celery 1 tsp curry powder or paste
200g sliced cooked chicken meat 2 tsp Dijon or mild mustard
½ cup Alison’s Pantry Walnuts 2 Tbsp each lemon juice
sour cream & canola oil 2-3 Tbsp chicken stock or water
 3 cups salad greens


chickenFirst make Curried Sour Cream Mustard dressing. Whisk all dressing ingredients except water or stock together until smooth. Thin to coating consistency with water or chicken stock.

Assemble salad just before serving. Cut unpeeled apples into wedges or cubes and toss in the lemon juice.  Slice celery 5mm thick. Add celery, cooked chicken and half the walnuts to apples. Gently toss together, adding enough dressing to coat. Spoon onto salad greens (torn or chopped if necessary) on individual plates and sprinkle with remaining walnuts. Let diners spoon extra dressing over salads if desired.

Download PDF version: Alison Holst’s Chicken & Waldorf Salad