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YOUR Salad Recipe by Sarah Oldershaw!

Introducing Sarah’s ‘YOUR Salad Recipe’, our EAT MORE PLANTS Ultimate Challenge winner.


I never measure anything!! (odd having been a chef and baker for 10 years..but when I am at home.. I just roll with it)… Which makes this a super user-friendly recipe as you can make it as it is written or totally put your own spin on it! Hence why it is YOUR SALAD… Make it your OWN!!

Can serve anywhere from 1 to 30!! For this I would say it serves..4..with leftovers for lunch.


Veges for roasting:

1/2 pumpkin (any variety)
2 carrorts
1 descent size golden kumara

Veges for salad:

1 avocado. slightly firmer (only slightly…gotta pick the right one)
1 red onion
1 bag of Mediterranean rocket or spinach… or both
1 capsicum
Baby beetroot.. whole tinned (chopped up… as many as you like)

The yummy bits:

Sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
Deluxe salted mixed nuts

You can also GO ALLLL OUT with olives, artichoke hearts cherry tomatoes and pickles if you like.


Dry rub for veges (1tsp of each)

cayenne pepper (add less if you are not keen on spice)

If you are feeling lazy or the spice rack is a lil bare, Moroccan Spice Blend also works nice.. But the own made mix is AMAZING


Wet rub for veges

1/4 cup sweet chilli sauce
a couple of good squirts of soy or tamari sauce
a couple of nice glugs of EVOO.


Important to note:

The secret to this is that the mixture of the wet and dry rub makes the salad not need a dressing! So make sure that when you bake the veges, they are not sloppy or broiled.. but you still maintain some of the nice sticky sweet spicy sauce/marinades.



Cube all the veges in a roasting pan (approx 1cm cubes), add dry rub and wet rub… now get your hands in there and mix well so everything is evenly coated and delicious! You want them to be nicely coated (remember that dressing!)


Whack ’em in the oven (preheated to 180 degrees) cook for about 20 minutes, turning occasionally / when it starts to smell AMAZING… you will want to check them as they are so pretty! A bit of crunch on the outside is the trick as you don’t want to have them soggy.


Once you consider them perfect remove from oven and let hang out for an hour or so to cool (even overnight depending on how onto it prep wise you want to be)


Now for your greens

Leave the leaves whole and whack ’em a bowl (I generally use a shallow serving bowl).


Chop the rest of the raw veg to your desired shape and thickness (I slice the onion into quarter moons, 1cm cube beetroot, cube capsicum and avo).

Delicately drape the veges and roast mix (including their saucy bits) over your lettuce leaves… you almost want a bit of everything in every spoon/forkful.


You can arrange them so it looks pretty in the bowl. There is so much colour and texture… Look at the photo for an idea in how to layer.


FINALLY, sprinkle your “yummy bits” all through the salad… Grab yourself a tasty beverage (wine match: a rose and beer match: Black Dog CHOMP)


Serve and enjoy, thanks Sarah.

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